What is the biggest challenge with JUUL? While most Juul users find it difficult to stay away from that blinking red light, Finding a power source can be really frustrating… Now, you finally found the power source but there’s a wait of at least 30 minutes until your JUUL is back in action.

At FUUL, we have taken the initiative to build a product that will let you charge your JUUL with ease! FUUL is a quick and convenient, patent pending, alternative technology to keep your spirits pumped all the way. FUUL makes it possible to charge your JUUL anywhere with the ability to vape at your disposal. With the simple, ON/OFF button, we make it easy for you to switch between “charge mode” and “vape mode” instantly!

The FUUL will help solve low/dying battery issues common to your JUUL. Get going to your parties, events and/or social gatherings without ever having to worry about your JUUL battery dying again!



FUUL is a patent pending, portable charger for your JUUL. It has a sleek rubber finish with an ergonomic fiber groove designed to fit perfectly in your hand. The FUUL is not only convenient to carry around, but also fits comfortably in your pocket. With our dedicated team of engineers and designers, we wanted FUUL to be designed for the utmost convenience while carrying. The small, compact, easy-to-carry charger will become your #1 JUUL companion.

The FUUL can charge your JUUL up to 5 times on a single charge. What’s more interesting, is that you can charge your low/dying JUUL to FULL CHARGE in just 30 minutes!

Charge the FUUL with a Micro-USB or Lightning cable. The Micro-USB and Lightning-USB ports are available for charging the FUUL which has never made Fuuling so easy! The LED light indicators on the FUUL give you an idea of how much charge is left. Red indicators for low battery, Blue for medium battery and Green for full battery.

With FUUL, there’s no need to worry about a dead JUUL. A power-source at your fingertips designed at a portable size and designed perfectly to fit in your hand, the FUUL will be your daily companion. FUUL your JUUL!