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The first thing that many of us think of when bold fruit flavor comes to mind is the blue raspberry. So exquisite with that amazing balance of tart and sweetness that makes your mouth pucker and eyes water with joy, the blue raspberry is the most intense, delicious fruit out there. Imagine waking up, going through your long work day just to have to do a bunch of errands afterward and then coming home to a package that contains this wonderfully exciting vape juice blend that will change everything. Sure, we all have those boring, unpleasant things we have to do as adults but this blend will add some well needed excitement and adventure into your routine. It will make everything seem that much less painfully drawn out and boring. Your Monday mornings will soon be just like Friday afternoons when you vape this magical concoction of crazy realistic fruit flavor that will have you passing candy off to the wayside (and when have you ever done that?). Who needs the real thing when you have an ultra convenient, travel friendly juice that you can just load into your mod of choice and hit the road with. Isn't life a dream when you have a little extra something to look forward to. One that helps make you feel a little tinge of excitement and cheer. Vaping is known for its transformative qualities and its ability to help you find your center, change your mood and reach those goals you are working towards. This juice will be the perfect inspiration that will have you reaching for it all day, every day for that awesome satisfaction that you need and deserve. Get into the groove with Blue Raspberry by Killa Fruits E Liquid! You won't regret it.