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Some things are just meant to be together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cereal, spaghetti and meatballs and most of all strawberries and kiwi! If you're looking for two flavors that play together to make absolute perfection, kiwis and strawberries do just that. They have an awesome way of combining sweet and sour so that your taste buds perk up and you can experience the best of both fruits. Kila Fruits E Liquid knows how much we all love a stunning fruit combination to help add a pure, natural aspect to our vaping routines so they came out with this magical blend that is going to make you believe that dreams really do come true. Bright, bold and fun, what more could you ask for? This juice gives you full force flavor straight to your taste buds, puts them on overdrive and makes them beg for more! A great choice for your all day every day companion, it is nearly impossible to grow tired of the genuine, vibrant tastes this juice brings to the table. One of the most wonderful parts of vaping is that you can truly experience all of the flavors you enjoy whenever you please without inconveniences. Even if it is the dead of winter, all you have to do to enjoy that bright red, perfectly ripened, sunkissed strawberry flavor is pull out your mod and fire up. It is that simple and that satisfying. Never go without the taste you crave again, pick up this juice for an invigoration and awakening that will have you complete all of those tasks you've been putting off. Positivity and enlightenment is only a vape away so get this juice and see just how amazingly far vaping has come!