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Lace up your sneakers, grab your hand basket and head down to the orchard where there are loads of delicious, ripe fruits to be picked and enjoyed! Red Apple Peach by Killa Fruits E Liquid recreates that hand picked, perfect fruit flavor that we wish we could have all year around. Killa Fruits E Liquid allows us to be able to taste the luscious fruit flavors we crave in an authentic way that is nothing short of astonishing. Their expertly blended juices have an impact and presence that will completely shake up your vaping collection and open your eyes to just how spectacular a blend can taste. This juice in particular brings together the most crisp, sweet, juicy red apples you have ever seen with succulent, soft peaches for a sweet, fresh, vibrant flavor that will have you feeling pure and clean. On days where you feel a bit foggy and overtly tired, this blend will be heaven sent. A great way to find a bit of clarity and inject some energy into your mood for a better more positive outlook that is absolutely priceless. There's no more eating unsatisfactory, out of season, bruised up, dried out fruits for you. With Killa Fruits E Liquid every inhale is like taking a bite out of the perfect specimen. Hide this one from your friends when they come over because they will all want to fill their tanks with this sweet nectar that's worth its weight in gold. There's no helping it once you taste this special blend. You really won't be able to go back to vaping your other fruit flavored juices who just seem to fall flat in comparison. The sooner you try this the better, don't go without this in your life any longer!