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This fresh, fun combination by Killa Fruits E Liquid is going to put you into a tizzy with its explosive flavor that will shock you to your very core. Watermelon Strawberry by Killa Fruits E Liquid has that wow factor that turns a good vape juice into a simply amazing one! If you have any other friends who vape and enjoy really bold, refreshing juices, you will have to show them this blend. It blows all of the rest out of the water with its magnificent attention to details and ability to recreate fruit flavors in a realistic yet amplified way. This experience guarantees you will have the perfectly ripe, ideal sweet fruit taste in every single last inhale. You won't have to spend what feels like ages digging through a bin filled with bruised, tasteless fruits at your local supermarket anymore! The best part about this juice is the fact that you can stuff so much incredible taste into one little bottle that will provide you loads of great flavorful experiences. Killa Fruits E Liquid knows just what we all want and delivers it. It is made by vapers for vapers so you know that they don't put anything out but the best of the best. You should feel proud about your all day every day blend and this one in particular will have you singing its praises to every single person you know. When others smell the fun, exciting clouds that you make, they will instantly fall in love and demand to know what that scrumptious smell really is. Pour this blend into your top mod, press start and inhale a rush of flavor that will do nothing less than knock your socks off! You deserve it!